>MAIN C3100
2.4GHz Programmable Universal Counter
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CHA input Characteristics
Frequency Range
Max. Input voltage
Trigger level
Trigger slope
0 to 120MHz(DC Coupled), 10Hz to 120MHz(AC coupled)
25mV RMS (Sine Wave)
1Mohm less with less than 35pF capacitance
x1, x10
250V (DC or AC Peak)
”¾1.28V variable.
Positive or Negative
0.001Hz (G.T = 1 Sec. 200Hz)
CHB input Characteristics Same as CHA Same as CHA
Measurement Function
(1)FRQ. A ? Range: 0 to 120MHz(DC Coupled), 10Hz to 120MHz(AC coupled)
- Coupling: AC or DC
- Slope: Positive or Negative
- Trigger level: ”¾1.28V variable
(The trigger level is displayed as a scale ?99 to +99 units)
- Low Pass filter: Approximately 100
- Attenuation: 0 and 20dB (x1 and x10)
- Resolution: 0.00001Hz (Gate time = 1Sec, Input Frq = 200Hz)
- Accuracy: ”¾Time Base Error ”¾1 Count
(2) FRQ.B: ? Same as FRQ. A
(3) FRQ.C: -Range: 100MHz to 2.4GHz
- Slope: Positive or Negative
- Trigger level: Auto
- Coupling: AC
- Accuracy: ”¾Time Base Error ”¾1 Count
(4)Time Interval (A”ęB): - Range: 0.5uS to 0.2S (5Hz to 2MHz)
- Pulse width: 250nS minimum
- Resolution: 0.1uS Max
- Accuracy: Time Base Error ”¾ CHA Trigger Error ”¾ Magnification ”¾1 Count
(5) TOT. A (Totalize): -Range: DC to 10MHz
- Count Capacity: 0 to 9,999,999 (Over Flow)
- Hold button controls the Start and Stop
(6) Ratio A/B - Range: CHA input: 10MHz to120MHz, CHB input: 0.1MHz to 10MHz
- Accuracy: CHB Trigger Error/(CHB Freq. x Gate Time) ”¾1 Count
(7) A-B Freq. Difference: - Frequency Range: Same as CHA and CHB
- Accuracy: Time Base Error ”¾1 Count
(8) RPM A measure: - Maximum RPM: 600,000 RPM
- Minimum pulse width: 250nS
GATE Times
- 50mS, 100mS, 200mS, 300mS, 400mS, 500mS, 600mS, 700mS, 800mS,
900mS, 1S, 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S, 6S, 7S, 8S, 9S, 10S
- Gating Accuracy Time base accuracy: 1ppm
Reference Time
Base Oscillator

- Standard Frequency: 10MHz, 4.194304MHz
- Frequency Stability: ”¾5.0ppm max
- Aging Rate: ”¾1.0ppm max./year
- Temperature: -30”ĘC to +60”ĘC
- Storage Temp. Range: -40”ĘC to +85”ĘC
Power Source
Dimensions /Weight
Standard Accessories
Optional Accessories
85V to 270Vac(”¾10%, 48 to 66Hz)
235(W) x 296(D) x 85(H) mm / About 1.5 kg
Users Manual, BNC cable (BNC & Clip), Line Cord,
Spare fuse, RS232 Cable and S/W
GP-IB (IEEE-488.2) Interface (Installed)